Lower your Electric Bill!






Control & monitor many locations,
from 1 platform


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Light commercial

Control and monitor energy levels of your locations from your private platform

Office BuildingsRestaurants, Factories 

Multi branch

Total energy management system for multinational corporation

Chain Stores & Convenient Shops, Hotels & Vacation Rentals, Schools & Universities 




Access permission per level  

Upper levels CONTROL lower levels. Lower levels FEEDBACK upper levels

Level 3

Head Quarter

Level 1

Level 2

Each user has its own login access (user name and password)
and can control and monitor only its level and all levels below. 

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Take control of your business 

Wireless system for new & existing sites.

Easily install in short time.

One press of a button control the all city!

Modern Office

Set the minimum and maximum 
allowable temperature


 Trying to change to 16°c from remote control or App, the system would automatically set it back to 24°c (according to your setting)

Lock set point temperature range 

Limit your set point temperature few degrees and stay just as comfortable 

For every few degree you raise, you can save up to 6% of your energy cost

Open Space Office

Go in


Motion Sensor*

* AirSense Only


Air Quality Sensor PM2.5

Receive notification when air quality in the room is low

Receive alert when Carbon Dioxide levels are higher than normal in case of room full of people

* AirSense Only

School Break

Weekly Schedule 

Always OFF when you do not need it

Empty Classroom
Bento Lunch Break

Setup a weekly timer to turn off air conditioners at the end of the day or increase set point temperature during break times to ensure maximum efficiency and energy savings 

holiday 1.gif

Bypass schedule during holiday  

Holiday Mode


error alerts

 Clean filter | Low efficiency 
High Amp | Low Amp
High power consumption

* AirSense Only

 Receive error messages from the air conditioner  as soon as there is any small problem

energy 2.jpg

Cost of power consumption per air conditioner 




* AirSense Only

For Business Cooperation inquires, 

please email us:

Head office / factory

EKON Manufacturing and Trading (Shanghai) Incorporation

Zone 515, 33 Fute North Road

Wai Gao Qiao Free Trade Zone,

Pudong, Shanghai, China

Zip Code: 200131

Phone: +86-21-58661899 

Alternatively fill in the following contact form:

Southeast Asia Office

Airconet (Thailand) CO., LTD

Soi Ari, Sukhumvit 26,  

Khet Khlong Toei,

Bangkok, Thailand

Zip code: 10110

Phone: +66-2-0842862

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