Energy Save Platform

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Start Saving from

day 1

The power consumption will be reduced from the first day you setup the system which can be reflected in the next monthly electric bill 

Self-Installed in

2 minutes

Simply plug the device next to each air conditioner and connect to the router's Wi-Fi using your mobile phone. Then Setup your preference

ROI Airconet

Pays for itself within

3 months

Since the devices are relatively low cost and the resulting savings are high, it ensures the Return On Investment is very quick 

Self-installed Energy Efficient Solution

Airconet hotel

25% Energy save

Hotel and Airbnb system - 25% savings on the electric bill when compare year to year. Ensuring air conditioners are automatically power off when room is left empty 

Challenges for commercial buildings


of Commercial building energy consumption is wasted 


of Commercial building energy consumption comes from air conditioners 


of Users Complain about comfort due to Poor air conditioner operation 


of Current energy efficiency methods are time consuming and complex to install

Airconet save 30%

Without Airconet


Lower your electric bill

How much can I save?

Save up to 30% of your electric bill, depend on your AC usage habits

aircoent energy save

The level of savings depends on the specific working habits:

  • Set Point Temperature - if during summer your set point temperature is always set to 16 degrees and it feels very cold in the room, so using Airconet can give a saving of up to 30%. If however the set point is normally set to 26 degrees so expect less savings

  • Air conditioner working hours - if during break times and after work hours the air conditioner is left powered on for prolong periods, using Airconet can lower the power consumption by up to 15%. In meeting rooms and specially in hotels, users tend to forget the air conditioner power on for long period. In these situations, Airconet ensure large % savings by ensuring the air conditioner is power off automatically when room is left empty 

  • Defective Air Conditioners - faulty AC have a tendency to take up to 20% more energy than they supposed to. With Airconet, user receives notification about this power lost, which normally cannot be known without a system

Multi-branch Energy Management 

Control and monitor all branches from one platform

Whether you have few Airbnb rooms or multinational convenient stores, Airconet’s solution allows you to control all the air conditioner in all locations from 1 single web-based platform. No matter where you are, you can know the online status of all the air conditions in your company and adjust it according to your requirements. 

Limit Setpoint Temperature

System automatically restrict users to set air conditioner to allowable temperature

Even if users try to change the temperature by the remote control above or below the permissible temperature, the system will automatically set it back. 

airconet temperature control


By limiting setpoint temperature, the compressor working cycle becomes shorter resulting in reduced energy cost and increase % energy saving
Airconet Energy Save vs Setpoint limit.png

Many users tend to set the air conditioner’s temperature to the minimum level of 16 degrees. It is quite common to enter a public room (such as office or hotel room) and feel it is uncomfortably cold. By increasing the setpoint temperature by only few degrees up, the tenant in the room will feel more comfortable and the power consumption of the air conditioner will be reduced drastically resulting in saving cost. 

If you find your air conditioners are set to the extreme setpoints and the room feels uncomfortably too cold in summer and too hot in winter, so our system will certainly save you cost on electric bill and ensure the tenant will feel more satisfied with the room temperature  

Motion Sensor

Automatically turn off air conditioner when room is unoccupied. Turn on air conditioner when entering back to the room

Auto OFF

Guests in hotels and staff in office have a tendency to forget to power off the air conditioner when leaving the room. This length of time that the air conditioner is working without any real usage is a total waste of energy and money. By ensuring the air conditioner is power off when it is not needed result in increase savings. If you find your air conditioners are working overtime without any usage, the more % energy savings you will achieve with this system.

Conservation mode
This feature is specially for hotels – instead of power off the air conditioner when room is left empty, the system will set the temperature in the room to a comfortable levels ensuring the room remain not too hot in summer and not too cold in winter. This way when the hotel guest enter the room they still feel relatively comfortable. Moreover, when entering the room the air conditioner automatically go back to its last state when leaving the room so in a very short time the room will be back to the same temperature it was when leaving the room. There is also an option to turn on the air conditioner to a fix setpoint when entering the room. 

Sleep mode

Mainly used in hotel rooms - during sleep hours, the motion sensor can be disabled to ensure that when guests sleep (with minimum movements), the motion sensor will not power off the air conditioner falsely


The system operator has many setting options to choose from according to the requirement

Online monitor occupancy on Dashboard
The dashboard indicates online the length of time each room was left empty or occupied:

motion sensor gui airconet

Weekly Schedule

Control group of air conditioners according to time events and let it automatically repeat during the week. 

timer gui airconet

Automate the air conditioners to turn on to a preset temperature according to the time of the day. For example, in the morning turn on AC few minutes before staff arrive to the office to ensure they enter a comfortable room. Then during lunch time automatically power it off to save energy and then turn in back on. At the afternoon, when outdoor temperature is lower, increase the set point to save energy and ensure the room temperature is more comfortable. 

Holiday Mode

Disable all timers during holiday dates to ensure all air conditioners are not turned on automatically

holiday airconet

Predictive Maintenance Alerts

Fault Detection & Diagnosis if AC works inefficiently 

alerts airconet GUI

Receive a notification to your mobile phone in the following cases:

  • Filter need to be cleaned 

  • The room temperature reached a level over or below a preset value

  • WiFi communicating with server is not stable 

  • Current (AMP) out of range - the air conditioner’s current is too high or too low indicating the compressor start to have a problem or outdoor unit is blocked (this feature available in 4in1 only)

  • Efficiency Energy Rate is too high – the air conditioner consumes too much energy with relation to the working hours (this feature available in 4in1 only)

Air Quality

Receive a notification to your phone when there is a gas in the room 

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Carbon Monoxide (CO)
Other gases

The system continuously monitor the air quality in the room online. In case the sensor detects a gas, it will immediately send a notification to the phone and to the desktop platform to alert the users to take action such as open a window and turn on higher fan levels in the air conditioner. The sensor also measures the concentration of the gas and report it to the system so user can know what severity of the condition is. Once the gas disappeared or reduced in concentration, the system will update the new status and relax the notification. This feature is available in 3in1 and 4in1 only.

Energy usage report dashboards 

Monitor the Online, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly power consumption of each air conditioner separately and in Total

The platform gives graphical illustration of the following:

  • Actual electricity cost in local currency 

  • Accumulative Working hours of each air conditioner and in total for selected period

  • kWh calculation 

  • Pie Chart of all air conditioner to know the proportion usage for comparison 

  • ROI - Energy save from last month and from a standard fix base energy reading

  • Error alerts summary for each air conditioner to learn about the AC health 

  • Energy efficiency levels per AC according to size of rooms and working hours 

End of the month email Report

Receive an email at the end of each month with summary of energy usage 

Simple and Smart

‘Plug & Play’ (Do It Yourself) Wireless Web-based & IoT solution

layout airconet

By simply plug a miniature device to each air conditioner you can start saving energy from day one. The devices can be installed in an existing location as long as you can plug the device next to the air conditioner and there is Wi-Fi coverage. 

Note: ‘AirSense 4in1’ require a simple installation

Case Studies


Hotels & Airbnb

Automatically power off AC when room is empty to decrease energy cost spending.

Turn on AC at check-in, before guest enter the room and turn off at check out.


Retail Stores

Decrease energy cost spending for stores with complex  and varied store schedules, stark differences in customer traffic throughout the day and overall heavy traffic flow 



Lower electric bill by ensuring set point temperature  is always above 24 degrees. 

Schedule to power off air conditioner during lunch time  and after work hours

Cost of power consumption per air conditioner 







* AirSense Only

Open Protocol 

Use your software with our hardware 

API airconet

In case you have your own platform, we provide API for our hardware so you can interface our products with your own system. In this case the devices communicate with your server directly