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EKON Manufacturing and Trading (Shanghai) Incorporation is a foreign investment corporate in Shanghai, China. The company was established since 2008.

EKON is engaged in the development (ODM) and manufacturing (OEM) of wide range of control systems according to customer requirements. We work in close relationship with our business partners to fully understand their customer’s needs and thereafter design and produce a product that will fulfill these specifications, following predefined product target price.  

EKON has gained worldwide recognition on our services for many years in the electronics industry. We are committed to offer the best quality and delivery services to our customers.

Our company business scope is divided to these main sections:


Functionality & Electronic Design (include embedded software design)

PCB design according to required product functionality. This includes the logic programming of the MCU:

About Airconet by EKON Inc.

EKON PCB design

Once the functionality and electronic design is completed, we will make few samples for testing by customer for final confirmation before starting the mass production. In case of unconfirmed sample, we will redo the PCB design to ensure customer spec is follow to the last detail.

Mechanical design

We do 3D design according to customer’s demands and market research:

EKON mold design

Once the conceptual design is confirmed by the customer according to space limitation (as dictated by our electronic engineers), a 3D Print sample is sent to customer for final confirmation before cutting the mold.

Software design (App and Server)

We design User Interface (GUI) according to customer’s perception:

APP Airconet design

Injection Mold Manufacture

According to the confirmed 3D sample we manufacture Injection Mold and then inject the plastic parts following to the specified material and color:

EKON Mold factory

Electronic Manufacturing (SMT) and Assembly

According to the confirmed sample, we will mass production the product include testing and packing conferring to customer requirements

EKON Factory Shanghai

Safety Standards

During the all design and manufacturing process we will ensure the product can pass safety standards such as CE and FCC Standards:

Airconet CE certificate
Airconet FCC certificate
EKON ISO9000 certificate


EKON Manufacturing and Trading (Shanghai) Incorporation


33 Fute North Road, Zone 515

Wai Gao Qiao Free Trade Zone,

Pudong, Shanghai, China

Zip Code: 200131



Company Registered year: 2008

Jurisdiction: Pudong, Shanghai, China  



In-house manufacturing line employees: 120 persons

In-house R&D employees: 8 persons

Management staff: 5 persons


Manufacturing lines:

Injection Mold: 3 machines

SMT line: 7 machines

Automatic Assembly: 3 lines

Wave soldering: 1 machine

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