Tech Support (Frequently Asked Questions)

I cannot connect Airconet to my router

Please ensure the following:

  1. Your phone is connected to 2.4GHz router when adding a device (5GHz cannot be used to add device)
  2. Device should be in good WiFi signal area with stable network
  3. Ensure the router has enough free available devices (some home routers are limited to maximum 10 devices)
If you cannot add Aircoent follow these steps:
  1. Restart router (wait for it to connect to the internet)
  2. Ensure your phone is connected to the 2.4Ghz WiFi
  3. Restart device (plug out and in and wait for the blue light to blink)
  4. Press and hold the reset button on the back of the device for 5 seconds (after 10 seconds the blue light should blink fast)
  5. Try to add device again
  • Ensure to type the right router's password (case sensitive)
  • In case of router with automatic 2.4GHz / 5GHz selection (with single SSID for both), connect your phone's WiFi from a distance of 5-8M away from the router (preferable in different room from the router) to ensure it is automatically connected to 2.4GHz
  • In case router has firewall, please open in router's settings access to ports: 80, 443 and 6343 (TCP and UDP)
  • Network with repeaters having the same SSID and Password cannot be used

Airconet cannot communicates with my air conditioner

Please follow these steps:

  1. Restart the device
  2. Within 10 seconds (while the blue light is steady ON)press the power button on the AC remote control few times until the blue power off. See video:
Note: ensure the Airconet and Air Conditioner have direct eye contact with maximum 6 meters away from each other

I see yellow sign in App

This means Airconet is not communicating with the server. Please do the following:

  1. Ensure router has internet
  2. Check the blue light on Airconet is Off. If it blinks over 1 minute, restart Airconet
  3. Ensure router has not over the allowable number of devices and restart router
  4. Pair the air conditioner again:
    1. Restart the device
    2. Within 10 seconds (while the blue light is steady ON) press the power button on the remote control. See video:

Why I get TH1 error?

TH1 means the room temperature is over the preset hazard temperature. To change the minimum / maxiumum temperature alerts settings:

  1. In App, go to 'Setup' page
  2. Select 'System Setup'
  3. Change the 'hazard room temperature' by sliding the numbers left/right

How to control the system from computer?

  1. Use Chrome browser on your computer
  2. Open
  3. Enter your username (email) and password as you set in App
Note: you can change the language:
  1. Go to 'SETUP'
  2. Enter password (same as App)
  3. Go to 'System Setup'
  4. Select language

Can I connect few Airconets to the same App?

Yes, in App follow these steps:

  1. Go to Setup page (press the 3 lines on the top left corner)
  2. Select 'Device Setup;
  3. Press the '+' on the top right corner
  4. Enter router's password
  5. Press Scan and wait
  6. Select device type
  7. Give it a name
  8. Press Save (blue light on the device should light)
  9. Press any button on the AC remote control until the blue light is off

AirSense's motion sensor cannot work

Press the side button for 10 seconds till the red light flash (note that after 3 seconds press it will send off command and the red light flash, ignore it). This will enter into debug mode – each time the motion sensor detects a movement the red light will flash. Please stand on the side of the room without movement to make sure the red light does not blink for over 3 seconds while there is no movement. If the red light flashes for over 3 seconds while there is no any movement in the room, it means there is something in the room that makes it false alarm. Please make sure there is no any metal object and no mirror next to the motion sensor. Notice that this is microwave motion sensor and it is very sensitive to movement. To exit debug mode just restart the AirSense.

AirSense's Power Meter cannot work

Using an Ammeter, ensure the CT wire reads over 0.5Amp when the compressor is working. If the ammeter does not read, move the CT to the wire where it read over 0.5A and restart the Airsense. In some air conditioner this wire is only located on the outer unit - in this case make the CT wire longer

  1. After ensuring with Ammeter the CT can read properly, do as follows:
    1. Remove power from Airsense
    2. Power off the Air Conditioner
    3. Connect back the Airsense
    4. Turn back on the air conditioner (ensure the compressor started)
    5. Check the Speedometer on the App is reading the kWh of the air conditioner:

Airconet continue to disconnect from the router from time to time

Wifi connection issues can come from the following reasons:

  1. The router is too far from the Airconet (or there are too many walls between them) so the reception is not strong enough at the location causing the Airconet to disconnect.
    To test this issue, move the Airconet closer to the router (even if it is not next to the air conditioner) and see if it solve the problem.
    The solution to this is to add repeater at the location of the Airconet to ensure it has strong Wi-Fi reception.
  2. Many routers have limited number of devices that can be connected to the same router at the same time. Ensure the router is not overloaded with devices connected to it. If it is, you can add a repeater and connect the Airconet to this repeater.
  3. If you have repeaters already and they all have the same SSID and Password you must change the repeater settings that connect to Airconet to have a unique SSID and Password (otherwise the connection get mixed up)
  4. Ensure there is no Firewall on the routers / repeaters connected to Airconet

Note: when the blue light is OFF, it means the Airconet is connected to the Router and to the internet. If the blue light is flashing it indicates there is a connection issue and the possible solution is as mentioned above.