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airconet - Air condition remote control, Smart Air condition, Air Condition control smartphone, Wifi remote control, Wifi air condition, App for air condition
  • Control Split or Window AirCon from anywhere in the world (via Wifi or 3G/4G) 

  • Control Cold / Hot / Auto / Fan / Dry mode, Set Point and Fan 1, 2, 3, Auto

  • 2-way communication (status feedback and sync with aircon’s remote control)

  • Automatic aircon brand selection via aircon’s remote control

  • Compatible with major aircon brand with remote control
    (other aircon brand has to be pre-implemented in our factory)

  • Plug and Play – no need installation

  • Measure Room temperature via built-in temperature sensor NTC

  • No need additional controller (standalone product)

  • Miniature size of 30*30*8mm (almost invisible on the wall)

  • Turn ON the air condition to its last status in memory 

  • Replace Aircon's remote control 

Spec - wifi to IR controller 


Work with most Aircon with remote control ​

Airconet labeled
Airconet size.png
  • Voltage: 5VDC (Mini USB). 150mA Max

  • Power consumption: Less than 1 kWh/month

  • Aircon mode: Auto /Cooling / Heating / Fan / Dry

  • Room temperature: via built-in temperature sensor NTC

  • Fan: 3-speed fan control (automatically or manually) by App

  • Set Point Temperature Range: 16 ~ 32 degrees Celsius 

  • Room Temperature range: 0 ~ 46 degrees Celsius 

  • IR distance: Max. 6 meters at line of sight

  • Turn Off or ON aircon to its last status from iAircon

  • Indoor use only

  • wifi: 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz connection ISM

  • Apple requirements: iOS8 or higher 

  • Android requirement: Android 4.0.3 or higher

  • Color: white (option to order other colors with MOQ)

  • IR distance: Max. 6 meters (at line of sight)

  • Size: 3 * 3 * 0.8 cm

  • Wifi distance: maximum 30 meters (at line of sight)

  • Enclosure: ABS plastic casing. White color or custom (MOQ)

  • Certification: FCC, CE, IC, EMC, LVD

  • Warranty: 1 year limited


Inside the box

Airconet picture Front.png
usb cable.jpg
USB power supply.png

Plug selection according to country

PLUG type.png


•    Aircool
•    Airwell
•    AUX
•    BlueStar
•    Carrier
•    Cetnral Air
•    Changhong
•    Daikin
•    Elco
•    Electra
•    Electrolux
•    Fujitsu

Compatible with most air conditioner models of the below brands (that has LCD on its remote control)

•    General
•    Gree
•    Haier
•    Hitachi
•    Hisense
•    LG
•    Midea
•    Mitsibushi
•    National

•    Panasonic

•    Pioneer

•    Pearl

•    Samsung
•    Sanyo
•    Sharp
•    Skyworth
•    Star-Aire
•    Tadiran
•    TCL
•    Toshiba
•    Yair
•    York

System Layout IoT

system layout ariconet.jpg
airconet gui smart ac

How it works


Airconet control AC
airconet gui smart ac

Controlling from App sends command to Airconet via Server.

If Airconet received the command successfully, it will send feedback to the App which is displayed on the screen

Airconet control Split or Window air conditioners wireless via Infrared (IR)The Airconet has to be in eye contact with the air condition


Airconet feedback APP
airconet gui smart ac

Controlling the aircon from its remote control will update the status on the App (via server)

It is full 2-way communication 

The Aircon's remote control is also used to automatically pair the Airconet with the Aircon brand (it learns all the IR codes)

Airconet box packing

Easy to install   

All you need is to connect it to power and setup (see video)

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